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This is a recording of felling a sago palm. The second recording is a subsequent conversation in the village. This recording shows the felling of a sago palm by Karo Abia, Mokai Weni and Turaki Forak. The sago palm are standing on the edge of the village (north of the road). The second video shows a conversation by the fire. After the sago palm, I walked back to the house and sat down with Babua Weni and Nakre Abia who were engaged in conversation. All recordings were made with a CANON XA10 with a mounted shotgun microphone (RODE VIDEOMIC)
This is a recording about honey. After asking several to be shown how people secure honey and bee's wax (for drums), Sékri Karémbu took me into the forest north of Rouku village and showed me a beehive in a tree base. We are accompanied by a boy (Matthew). Sékri and Matthew chop the tree base and show me the different parts of the hive explaining what is used for which purpose. The second video documents the path back to the village. On the way back, Sékri talks about the place (ŋazäthe) and he shows me a palm tree (tru) which is used for packing sago powder. All recordings were made with a CANON XA10 and a mounted shotgun microphone (RODE VIDEOMIC).