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This is recording of a fishing basket. Sékri Karémbu had produced this fishing basket three years prior to the recording. At the time, Sékri Karémbu and Marua Bai showed me how to use such a fishing basket. The recording is: tci20120906. Unfortunately, the fishing basket was complete only after I left the village. After three years of using the fishing basket, Sékri visits me in the house and shows me the complete fishing basket. The recordings was made with a CANON XA10 and a mounted shotgun microphone (RODE VIDEOMIC).
This is a short procedural about how to manufacture and set a trap. The audio has been recorded separately with a lapel microphone.
The speaker talks about how to make a drum. This included which trees are used, which tools, how the drum skin is fixed, etc. During the story he works on a small drum.