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This is a short hunting story. The speaker went hunting with friends and his son. He was bitten by a wild pig.
content: a headhunting story told at mämbü canoe place south-east of Rouku village. This was recorded during a bird walk and extracted from a longer recording. The topic was triggered by a night bird possibly an owl, owlet, nightjar. The story explains how a head-hunting party came at night and imitated this particular bird in order to trick the people who are still half asleep. at the end the speaker adds some information how head hunters used to crack nuts or coconut shells to imitate dogs who bite and crack bones. All this was part of distracting the victims.
This is a hunting story. It involves an encounter with a unknown spiritual being.
This is a story about a man and his wife. The story's content is at this point in time unreviewed. The story was told in Kanathér at night by the campfire. Kanathér is the place where people frequenty cross the Morehead River. It is about 1km West of Morehead. The story was told late at night with an audience of many children and some adults. The speaker's mother was sitting next to him and kept on correcting him and adding to the story.
short story about the bird of paradise and its religious/cultural significance. this was recorded during a bird walk with a head mounted microphone.
This is a recording of the Kwafar myth. It describes the original founding myth shared by many of peoples in the Morehead District. It involves two brothers who fight against some kind of being. The two brothers are different. One is pale-skinned and owns a shootgun. The other brother is dark-skinned and owns a bow. The latter finally shoots the being in the armpit and water comes gushing out. The white-skinned brother runs south and the dark-skinned brother runs north. After many miles of running the dark-skinned brother takes branches of ntöntö and stops the rising water by beating on it. Then he walks further north and settles the are. Here the story diverges according who is telling it and where it is being told. recorded with a Marantz PMD 661 and a Rode NT4 microphone and a Sony HDR HC-1 videocamera.
This is recording of a revenge head hunting raid. The story connects to another headhunting story tci20111107-01.
This is a version of nzürna trikasi witch story. These stories are commonly found in the Morehead Region. The speaker is a man who grew up in Wára speaking village, but has now returned to his father's original homeland. He is therefore apologetic about the fact that he mixes Komnzo and Wára or sometimes only speaks Wára. The two varieties are rather close from a scientific perspective, but small differences are hugely emblematic from the the local point of view.
This is an account of local history. The speaker explains the local history of missionary activity and church developments. This includes comparisons between the life before contact and today. He comments on developments from WW II up until today. He is a local church elder in the United Church in Rouku and Morehead District.
This is a hunting story that took place during the previous day.
This is a story about a crocodile that was carved out of wood and later becomes alive. recorded with a Marantz PMD 661 and a Rode NT4 microphone and a Sony HDR HC-1 videocamera.