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This is a recording of a conversation and a story in Abia Bai's house. During the day, the member of parliament had visited the village. As a former village council, Abia Bai had accompanied him to other villages further west. At the night, I was sitting outside with Sékri Karémbu, Lucy Abia and Nakre Abia (Abia Bai's wife and daughter). The are talking about the events of the day. Later Lucy Abia offers to tell a story. She talks about her life history, where she grew up and where she went to school. She talks about her late mother, who had passed away earlier in the year. She also talks about Abia Bai as a young man. The audio (tci20150919-05.wav) has been extracted from the video file and cut into a smaller segment (20min) for transcription. All recordings were made with a CANON XA10 with a mounted shotgun microphone (RODE VIDEOMIC).