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This is a recording of a church sermon given by Baini Forak on father's day. She preaches about the roles of men and women in the village. She is a Wára speaker, but speaks mixed between Kómnzo and Wára. towards the end circuit minister gainde awai nḡainde away say a few words. he is a wára speaker from yokwa who lives in morehead. circuit minister of united church means that he is the head of morehead, ufarua, thamnḡakar, rouku, yokwa/safis, nḡaraita and mifne churches. at the end karo abia makes some small announcements. people are clapping and women walk around hugging and kissing every man or every father. recorded with a Marantz PMD 661 onboard microphones. recording starts with tci20120909CDa-01. after 2minutes the recorder ran out of batteries and tci20120909CDa-02 contains the rest of the recording.
This is a recording of fishing in the swamp. A large waterhole is left with only little water near the height of the dry season. The people of the Mayawa section in Rouku go and fish here together. This involves poison-root fishing. recorded with a Sony HDR HC1
This story was offered spontaneously by an old man from Mibini Tukau Kwaiak where I was visiting to record the only Kómnzo speaking family in the village. Tukau speaks in Namat, the language indigenous to Mibini. He agreed to share this story with other reseachers as I do not work in Namat. But he did not want it to be shared with Nama speakers from Morehead. It is my understanding that it contains an myth decribing how the ancestor came to Mibini and settled the land. recorded with a Marantz PMD 661 and a Rode NT4 microphone and a Sony HDR HC-1 videocamera.
This is a recording Nakre Abia speaking a few sentences in "double dutch", a ludling created by children and adolescent speakers of Komnzo. "Double dutch" is similar to Pigs Latin or Gibberish. Each syllable is extended by adding a duplicanted syllable after the onset. The duplicant always has /p/ as an onset and a copy of the vowel + the code. For example: nzram `flower' > nzrapam or gwonyame `clothing' > gwoponyapamepe The recording was made with a Marantz PMD 661 (no video).
This is recording of Rouku and surrounds including the sago place. tci20130928CDv-01 and tci20130928CDv-02 are part of a walk from the village down to the Morehead river to the sago place. tci20130928CDv-03 is panning over the ready sago baskets filled with sago and dried tci20130928CDv-04 Mea Bai is crossing the river with his dogs to go hunting. recorded with a Canon XA 10 with a mounted shotgun microphone Rode Videomic
This is a recording of the frogstory. no video included.