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Oral description of the male puberty seclusion in the Upper Xingu society; comparison of the old tradition with the changes in younger generations
plants used as medicine, how to manipulate the plants to make them useful
Vanruk – Hakhun Law
One recording in which Seno (father of Khithung) talks about traditional Hakhun law. This consists of the following sound file: SDM23-20100106-01_KH_M_Vanruk_Law.wav The details of this recording are as follows: SDM23-20100106-01_KH_M_Vanruk_Law.wav; Duration 10’12”; About traditional law, including the punishment for murder, and mistaken killing. And also a divorce case. In the case of killing, they will pay two buffaloes in compensation, and for a case of sexual misonduct they will pay two buffaloes If there is a mistaken killing, then one buffalo will be killed, for the sake of the dead person. In a divorce case, there will be a fine of three buffaloes. This will be paid by the man’s side to the girl’s side if there is divorce..
The different meals are elicited in this session. The consultant is also talking about food (e.g. about making sausage).
Translator pronounces !Xoon place name for Gunsteling
Khithong – elicited sentences
One recording in which Khithung Hakhun gives translations of some sentences. This consists of the following sound file: SDM23-20091219-01_KB_M_KhithungSentences.wav The details of this recording are as follows: SDM23-20091219-01_KB_M_KhithungSentences.wav; Duration 13’57”; Sentences collected by Krishna Boro; translations elicited from Khithung