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Loekyam Cholim – About songs
A recording in which Loekyam Cholim discusses about songs. This consists of the following media file: SDM12-20100113-175422_JS_E_.SongDiscussion.wav The details of this recording is as follows: SDM12-20100113-175422_JS_E_.SongDiscussion.wav: Duration 8’56”: This recording is silent until 1’25” and the sound is then very very bad with just a high hum. The sound becomes good at 1’53”. Discussion with Kaxom and Jongwi and Lakhum Mossang about songs.
Nokyah Thuh – Mwe Songs
Two recordings in which Rolik Nokyah Thuh and Rennan Longri sing many songs in Lochhang and also in Lungri and discuss the difference in between songs in different languages. These consist of the following sound files: SDM22-20100112-05_SM_T_MweSongs.wav SDM22-20100112-06_SM_T_Songs.wav The details of these recordings are as follows: SDM22-20100112-05_SM_T_MweSongs.wav; Duration 11’48”; Many songs relating to the Mwe festival and other agricultural festivals; it starts with Stephen Morey asking about the situation of the festival, a discussion with Rennan and others in Singpho. 0’40” Rolik Nokyah Thuh explains in Longri about the festivals. Including some examples of songs; 8’22” Rennan sings a song in Lochhang and then Rolik Nokyah Thuh sings in Lungri, then follows a discussion partly in Singpho – pointing out that the differences in Song languages are very slight. SDM22-20100112-06_SM_T_Songs.wav; Duration 1’52”; Some discussion about the difference between songs in different languages. Rennan tells about her aunt who knows many songs. The aunt’s name is Nyahngan
Pak Rizal sings one of his songs, named "Bau Tunu", accompagnie by Muzakir H. Tondo (Guitar) and Azwar (Bass).
Tatiana performs several songs in front of an audience of women(?).
Song - Haleluia
There is a corroborree at One-mile, with some singing and dancing( only male). The main singers are ER and LR. Many people are present, maybe 20 all together. link to video recording?
Recording of the seventh part of a 'lelegesan' performance the night before the wedding of WN's brother. The performance was continued until five o'clock (recorded till 3) in the morning, but because the cassette had to be changed in between and/or the gambus player changed, it is divided into several sessions. The tape endet while there was somebody singing. After that the recording wasn't continued because of the late hour.
Alicia performs and explains He ika chanting.
Song about the passing of time and a religious way of life
This session contains a traditional Marquesan song called ru'u or rari often depicting events of the past (e.g. arrival of German fleet during First World War, annexation of Marquesas by the French etc.).
The story describes one case, representing typical way of life of Tsova-Tush.
Song - Yesu…
Third song, named "Lutungan"; at concert specially arranged for CL and JKS in Gio.
Song 4
Popular song written by Frans Korisen, a man from Kabalsiang who now lives in West Papua. His songs are very popular in the Batuley region. No written lyrics. Too difficult for people to translate as the Batuley seems archaic.
JP is singing the song Korpochi, JP canta la canción de la Corpita (Korpochi)
The speaker recites a poem, written herself.