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Length: 00:05:58.719 After the third procession some 'macheteros' and some guests are invited to a private house. People come together to play music, dance and sing.
The consultant is treated with traditional cleansing/healing practices by the consultant. The consultant rubbs the collector's body with basil leaves and two farm eggs, which "suck up" the bad substances inside the patient's body. This treatment is accompanyied by prayers to several saints in Spanish, asking for their support to heal the patient. A mouthful of mezcal is blown onto the patient's head. The recording of the speech is virtually unintelligible.
Ejecución de música evangélica. El estilo musical es andino, las letras son de contenido religioso evangélico.
La sesión es el registro en audio de un ritual anglicano, también conocido como "culto" o "misa" anglicana. Estos eventos se realizan los días domingo por la mañana y se estructuran en torno a la liturgia estipulada por la Iglesia Anglicana. El asentamiento de Tres Pozos es uno de los sitios en donde esta práctica se manifiesta con más vitalidad. Esto se debe a la presencia de un pastor wichí que posee un reconocido prestigio entre los aborígenes de las provincias de Formosa y Salta.
A Trumai woman performs a ritual speech traditionally made by female leaders. The researcher requested her to do so, in order to have an example of this kind of speech, which unfortunately is becoming less frequent among the Trumai.
Performance of the ritual Elephant healing dance at Farm Six during a moonlit night.
She talks about traditional healing rituals and practices involving rivers, flowers, and candles. Some involve "marrying" someone to the sun or a certain type of tree to cure a rash. Note the parallels to Carrasco's 1960 paper.
meminta kepada tempat tempat yang diangapkeramat supaya atas bantuanya segeralah menurungkan air hujan ke bumi untuk menyirami tanaman mereka______ with preceding coordination, ritual speaking style - towards ritual shouting = Kuru Udowai berarti datanglah (20 seconds only)
A Trumai speaker narrates the myth about the morning star.
A Trumai woman performs a ritual speech. After that, her son explains in Portuguese what the woman just said.