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Republic Day Celebrations 2008
A recording of the celebrations in Kharang Kong village on Republic Day (January 26th) 2008. The first portion has the radio playing in the background; this was to find out the correct time to raise the flag (7.15am) This consists of the following media file: SDM12-20080126-01_1187_SM_X_RepublicDay.mpg; Duration 26'12" This recording forms part of the cassette numbered SMVDP06JAN0802 (Phonogrammarchiv No 1187), and runs from 4'37" to 20'49" on that cassette. The detailed contents are as follows: 0’00” (4’37”); Jaong preparing the flag area for flag raising; 1’28” (6’05”); Loekyam Cholim takes out the flag pole and ties on the flag; 7’53” (12’30”); a short speech by Loekyam (in Assamese) before flag raising; 9’38” (14’15”); flag raising accompanied by gongs; 10’38” (15’15”); Indian National anthem (sung in Hindi); 11’48” (16’25) some 11’48” (16’25”); Some prayers, followed by distribution of sweets 13’02” (17’39”); Speech for Republic day by Loekyam Cholim, mostly in Assamese. This recording was interrupted by mobile phone ringing (Juergen Schoepf calling Stephen Morey). 26’12” (30’49”); end of recording