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Nene Kaeko teaches Julia how to cook her favourite dish: sago, coconut, banana, pumpkin "cake". Keywords: Procedural; Food; Cooking
Jimmy Nébni demonstrates how to seal up a yam house door before an absence, explaining it as he goes. Location: Zeri. Keywords: Plants; Material culture; Gardening
Video of the first stages in making a grass skirt for Independence Day festivities in Morehead. This part of the process involves preparing the tree by exposing it to heat and allowing the bark to be cut away easier. The bark is then stripped away from the trunk by using a bamboo knife. Not much verbal description of process. Keywords: Material culture
Gbae Gima demonstrates weaving of bush string for cats cradle Keywords: Procedural; Material culture
Video of the actual weaving of the skirt for the upcoming Independence Day celebrations in Morehead. Speaker is telling various stories while she is weaving. Audio was collected using the Sennheiser EW 112P G3-B wireless lapel microphone connected to the video camera. Keywords: Procedural; Narrative
Video of the next stage in making a grass skirt for Independence Day celebrations in Morehead. In these videos the bark that was removed from the tree has been left out in the sun to dry for a couple of days. It is now being cleaned up and separated into strands to be woven. Casual conversation between Wára and Arammba speakers. Keywords: Procedural; Material Culture
Lepdjom spatial relations 2
The activity is built around an aniamal game and aims at eliciting spatial relations. There are eight groups of two people each sitting opposite to one another. One of the group members describes the way the animals as set, and the other group members is asked to reproduce the same animal disposition using his own toys.
Lepdjom spatial relations 1
the game is built around 8 different teams of two persons each. The two persons sit opposite to one another. Nadine sets the animals toys according to a random order, in front of one of the team members. The second member then has to set the animals toys according to the description provided by the other member sitting opposite to them. The experience is renewed three to four times per team. Each member has their turn in both setting the animals and describing.