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Khamyang - Ne Ya Tai (medicinal manuscript)
Six recordings in which Chau Sa Myat Chowlik reads and explains the Ne Ya Tai (medicinal manuscript). This consists of the following media files: SDM03-2008Tascam-014; Duration 2’59” SDM03-2008Tascam-015; Duration 1’14” SDM03-2008Tascam-016; Duration 3’27” SDM03-2008Tascam-017; Duration 3’50” SDM03-2008Tascam-018; Duration 1’05” SDM03-2008Tascam-019; Duration 1’36” SDM03-2008Tascam-020; Duration 2’27” SDM03-2008Tascam-021; Duration 10’57” SDM03-2008Tascam-022; Duration 6’51” The photographs of this manuscript are numbered as follows: NeYaTai_SaMyatChowlik_1.jpg to 18.jpg NeYaTai_SaMyatChowlik_BackSection_1.jpg to 14.jpg NeYaTai_SaMyatChowlik_LooseSheet_JointPain.jpg The detailed contents of these recordings are as follows: SDM03-2008Tascam-014; Ne Ya Tai – Pau Kong – see NeYaTai_SaMyatChowlik_2.jpg SDM03-2008Tascam-015; Ne Ya Tai – Pau Ta To – see NeYaTai_SaMyatChowlik_3.jpg and 4.jpg; when blowing to cure ta leng ta to (red eyes), use ginger to blow; having chewed the ginger SDM03-2008Tascam-016; Ne Ya Tai – Pau Sau Tan Kham – (blow in order to get girls to talk) and Pau Pan (blowing to overcome liver pain) and Pau Hoi Tin Sau (blowing to get the footprints of girls) to get girls to fall in love. NeYaTai_SaMyatChowlik_5.jpg SDM03-2008Tascam-017; Ne Ya Tai, List of medicines NeYaTai_SaMyatChowlik_6.jpg SDM03-2008Tascam-018; Ne Ya Tai – medicine for dust in the eyes, NeYaTai_SaMyatChowlik_7.jpg (top) SDM03-2008Tascam-019; Ne Ya Tai – Mantras in Assamese; NeYaTai_SaMyatChowlik_7.jpg SDM03-2008Tascam-020; Ne Ya Tai – NeYaTai_SaMyatChowlik_LooseSheet_JointPain.jpg; about joint pain SDM03-2008Tascam-021; Ne Ya Tai – back section page 3, section in purple writing; Ya Ham Pong (swollen testicles) (1294) SDM03-2008Tascam-022; Ne Ya Tai – back section page 3 continued