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Phake - Ai Chang Let's history book
A series of four recordings in which Ai Chang Let talks about and reads a portion of his history book.. This consists of the following media files: SDM01-2008Tascam-021.wav; Duration 1'04" SDM01-2008Tascam-022.wav; Duration 1'01" SDM01-2008Tascam-023.wav; Duration 2'19" SDM01-2008Tascam-024.wav; Duration 1'52" The detailed contents of the recordings are as follows: SDM01-2008Tascam-021.wav; Introduction to the book of history SDM01-2008Tascam-022.wav; Some discussion SDM01-2008Tascam-023.wav; Reading a short extract from the book of history SDM01-2008Tascam-024.wav; About the meaning of the history book - about what Khun Lung and Khun Lai did