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Aysel tells a story of an old woman and an old man
This narrative is a local version of a folk-tale that is widespread throughout the Middle East and Europe. Two kid goats are left alone by their mother and a wolf comes and tries to gain entry to their hut. After a number of attempts the wolf finally manages by a ruse to enter the hut and eats up the two kid goats. Later the nanny goat is able to rescue the kid goats out of the wolf's stomach.
The rainbow story: a man is swollowed by a rainbow, but manages to escape. Then he tells a friend about it and dies., El cuento del arco iris: un hombre es tragado por el arco iris. Luego escapa. Cuenta a un amigo lo que pasó y se muere.
Legend of a brother and a sister who turned into stone
G!un-g!unte has got a harelip as sharp as a knife. With it he can both kill animals and work skins. He is very successful in hunting as well as in working skins. The other people who don't get any prey decide to kill him. He knows that the people are going to recognize him by his harelip-blade and tells his children to watch out while he is working the skins. When the people arrive at his place he has hidden the blade. He sends the people to another place. They continue searching for days until finally one of them suggests that he must be the one. They creep up his place early in the morning so that it is too late for him to hide the blade. Then the people kill him together with his wife and children. Lesson to be learned according to translator: If someone is lucky and able to make his living, the others don't ave to be jealous and kill you. They have to try and work themselves.
Mungray - Story
A recording in which Samreng Mongre tells a Story This consists of the following media file: SDM30-2009Tascam-001:Duration 10’21” The details of this file are as follows: SDM30-2009Tascam-001:Duration 10’21”:Story, first spoken in Mongre, then in Assamese.
The story of the three sons of the man, who are sent to guard the field., El cuento del hombre y sus tres hijos que mandó a cuidar el chaco.
the story of the lizard and the frog, el cuento del jaúsi y sapo
SK narrates Frog Where Are You, Mercer-Mayer's picture book. The collectors requested that he do this, for a comparative analysis of the narratives of bilingual Lacandones. The Spansih version is found in session Frogstory_sp_SK.
This is a traditional Lacandon folk story, which the participant was asked to write in his own language, from his own memory. This is one of several written examples, that the collectors prompted the participant to write. He was left alone to write this story. The topic was of his own choosing. Our purpose is to compare the structure and language of written texts with their oral counterparts. This text has been typed up and transcribed, and can be found in the file, Dog_Croc_KGP.txt . An oral version of this story ican be found in session Dog_Croc_SK.
BMjr was asked to narrate Frog Where Are You, for the collectors. He is one of many speakers asked to do this. A Spanish version of the same story is found in Frogstory_sp_BMjr.