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The Tai Calendar
A recording in which Sam Thon Wingkyen talks about the Tai Calendar. This consists of the following media files: SDM01-20071122-01_1170_SM_X_SamThon_Calendar.mpg Duration 15'44'" This recording forms part of the cassette numbered SMVDP22NOV0701 (Phonogrammarchiv No 1170), and runs from 0'00" to 15'44" on that cassette. The recording consists of the following sections: 0’07”; Sam Thon explains about the days for making offerings to the spirits 4’21”; Sam Thon gives further information about dates 8’39”; Sam Thon reads the Sakkarit 13’47”; Mo Hom talks about the giving of names and dates of birth 15’44”; End of recording Two manuscripts were photographed in connection with this recording 1) Sam Thon's Lakni Calculations (Sam_Thon_Lakni_Calculations_1.jpg to 16.jpg) 2) Sam Thon's Prophecy Book (Sam_Thon_Prophecy_1.jpg to 10.jpg) 3) Birthdates.jpg
Patesa Making 2007
A recording of the making of the Patesa, explained by Ngi Khaing Chakap and Sam Thon Wingkyen. This consists of the following media files: SDM01-20071121-01_1169_SM_X_PatesaMaking.mpg Duration 3'19" This recording forms part of the cassette numbered SMVDP15NOV0701 (Phonogrammarchiv No 1169), and runs from 51'42" to 55'02" on that cassette.
Phake Musical Instruments
A recording of Ai Lun Khong talks about and names the traditional Tai Phake musical instruments. This consists of the following media files: SDM01-20071202-01_1173_JS_X_AiLunKhong_Instruments.mpg Duration 1'19'" This recording forms part of the cassette numbered SMVDP1DEC0701 (Phonogrammarchiv No 1173), and runs from 24'53'" to 27'12" on that cassette.
Phake Rice Pounding Song - Ninggam
A recording of Ai Chang Let's Lun Khong reads his Rice Pounding Song (Kham Soi Yoi) and then performs it with several ladies doing pounding. This consists of the following media files: SDM01-20080107-01_1189_SM_X_RicePoundingSong.mpg Duration 17'35'" This recording forms part of the cassette numbered SMVDP07JAN0801 (Phonogrammarchiv No 1189), and runs from 0'00'" to 17'35" on that cassette. 0’00”; Ai Chang Let reading his Rice pounding song; 3’44”; Ai Chang Let directing the performance of the rice pounding song. The song was performed by Ngo Ong’s wife with three ladies pounding: (1) Preparations for the Rice pounding song; 4’21”; (2) Practice of the Rice pounding song; Ai Chang Let sings and then Ngo Ong’s wife and the three ladies answer; the beginning of this practice was missed; 9’39”; (3) Ai Chang Let and Ngo Ong’s wife discussing about the rice pounding song; 10’45”; (4) Performance of the Rice pounding song with Ai Chang Let singing and the women answering with Soi Yoi; 13’45”; Ai Chang Let and Stephen Morey discuss about Rice pounding songs; 17’35” end; This was followed by several other songs 17’35”; Ye Mo Hom (Sai Won’s mother) singing the Rice pounding song without reading; 19’10”; Discussion with Ye Mo Hom (Sai Won’s mother); Ye No Mo is speaking in the background; 20’09”; Ye No Mo copying down Ye Mo Hom’s Kham Sa Eui; 26’25”; Ai Chang Let reading and explaining the meaning of the Rice pounding song (Kham Soi Yoi); 41’41” end;