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Hakhun - Sentence agreement particles
Six recordings in which Phulim Hakhun, Khithung and Samko speaks about Sentence agreement particles This consists of the following media files: SDM23-2009Tascam-006:Duration 8’26” SDM23-2009Tascam-007:Duration 4’30” SDM23-2009Tascam-008:Duration 11’51” SDM23-2009Tascam-009:Duration 12’07” SDM23-2009Tascam-010:Duration 16’19” SDM23-2009Tascam-011:Duration 5’41” The details of these files are as follows: SDM23-2009Tascam-006:Duration 8’26”:Sentences – illustrating the agreement system; SDM23-2009Tascam-007:Duration 4’30”:some transitive sentences and use of the ‘perfective’ particle na SDM23-2009Tascam-008:Duration 11’51”:sentences with ‘give’; some possessives with pronoun possessors SDM23-2009Tascam-009:Duration 12’07”:Hierarchical agreement examples – 3rd person subjects SDM23-2009Tascam-010:Duration 16’19”:About the months of the Hakhun year and the festivals associated with them; includes some songs SDM23-2009Tascam-011:Duration 5’41”:Hierarchical agreement examples – 1st and 2nd person subjects