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Khamyang - History of Pawaimukh
Two recordings of Chau Kyun (Deben) Chowlik, Chau Mihingta and Mong Phe Thoumoung talking about the history of Pawaimukh.. This consists of the following media files: SDM03-2008Tascam-001.wav; Duration 12'14'" SDM03-2008Tascam-003.wav; Duration 7'59'" The detailed description of these recordings are as follows: SDM03-2008Tascam-001.wav: History of Pawaimukh village from the Second World war to the present. It was agreed by all three elders that this was true Khamyang language. SDM03-2008Tascam-003.wav: History – how the Khamyangs came across the mountains (There were some problems with the microphone in this recording)
Hakhun - Appropriate term for ‘writing’
A recording in which Phulim Hakhun and Khithung talk about the appropriate term for ‘writing’ This consists of the following media file: SDM23-2009Tascam-017:Duration 1’09” The details of this file are as follows: SDM23-2009Tascam-017:Duration 1’09”:Appropriate term for ‘Hakhun writing’, Hakhun Jap Wi
Phake - Discussion of songs with Ai Chang Let
A recording of Ai Chang Let talking about traditional Tai Phake songs.. This consists of the following media files: SDM01-2008Tascam-025.wav Duration 4'51"
Phake Traditional Singing (Aije Let)
A recording in which Aije Let Hailowng talks about singing songs in former times – about boys and girls singing in the forest This consists of the following media files: SDM01-2008Tascam-011.wav Duration 1'44"