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Anecdote mermaid
KM describes how she saw a mermaid, when she was a child.
The speaker recites a poem, written herself.
Example sentence which includes the marquesan word tau (land).
Length: 1:40 min How the speaker once went with others to get reed, and how they were surprised by some animals they suddenly saw.
Explanation about animals that are culturally important.
Recorded for Kalkaringi Community Education Centre (primary and middle school) Gurindji program organised by DAC (Diwurruwurru-jaru Aboriginal Corporation). A boy shares a humpy with his granny. She doesn't let him sleep properly, telling him to move over all the time and leave more room for her. The same thing happens night after night. One day he decides to kill her. He leaves the humpy in the evening, covers himself in white ochre and bursts in on her. She thinks he is a devildevil and dies of fright.
The speaker was facing seawards
Conversation between WN and HT about Haerudin's family and WN's life. Later a women joins the conversation.
An old woman tells the story of a girl called Bebet, she speaks very fast and somewhat unclear so that it was were difficult to transcribe the recording. Also the meaning isn't always clear.
Support statement for ESB by DB in Jaminjung.
Elicitation on names and colours of animals and their body parts with a book with pictures., Elicitación por nombres y colores de animales y sus partes de cuerpo con un libro con dibujos.
DG tells Sinelugu Damaya story
The shepherds are sitting at their nightcamp late in the evening and are planning their further route.