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Primary School Opening 2007
A recording of the opening of a new Primary School at No. 2 Nong Village, Long Ton, Lekhapani, Tinsukia District, Assam. This recording was made on 16/12/2007. The name of the recording is SDM12-20071216-01_1178_SM_X_PrimarySchoolOpening.mpg Its duration is 5'40" It runs from 12'36" to 18'36" on the Video Cassette numbered SMVDP15DEC0701. The contents of this recording are as follows: 1) 0'00" - 3'10" Opening of Primary School; There were some problems with exposure; due to changing light conditions 2) 3'10" - 5'40" Dance song performed by the girls of Kharang Kong Tangsa Cholim village. These dances had been rehearsed the previous night and that rehearsal was recorded as SDM12-20071215-01_1178_SM_X_GirlsDancingGroup.mpg