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This is a book written in the Nepali language by a Chintang intellectual. Besides the general descriptions in Nepali, the publication includes ritual texts in the ritual language. The ritual texts are all translated into Nepali. The book consists of three sections (parts) with several chapters each. The first section contains a short description of the Khalsa locality and different aspects of Chintang life, like history, religion, climate, crops, clan structure and languages,etc. The second section contains an account of the Chintang rituals with the respective ritual texts and folk tales. Rituals documented are Pani Magne, Khipmang, Wadhangmi, some minor ceremonies as well as folk tales like Biruma nisa, Thube?ma, Rahangba, Pe?wahang, Budhahang, etc. The third section deals with the village goddess, Jalpadevi and Kanyadevi, which are the most imporatant deities of Chintang, also known outside the village. This section also deals with the genealogy of priests and the process of worship, rules and regulation of Jalpadevi. At the end, it also has one summary chapter with appendices.