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Three Birds
Three birds, the sivi (rainbow lorikeet), the boyep (pheasant dove) and the eya (white-eye) are initially friends. The lorikeet is jealous of the pheasant dove's colourful plumage and persuades the white-eye to cheat the dove so the lorikeet can steal its plumage. Thus, when the white-eye and the dove take a swim in the pool, they leave their clothes at the edge of the pool. Then the white-eye persuades the dove to take a dive and while it has its head under water, the lorikeet steals its clothes. From then on, the pheasant dove cannot stand the vicinity of the white-eye.
In the recording, the physical, behavioural and cultural properties of a variety of animals is explained. The animals in this recording are: Tamadu (an insect) Cocooned caterpillar Cricket Flying fox Bat Lizards Snakes Flycatcher (a bird)
Ant trail
This simple sand drawing resembles the shape of the tunnels created by a species of red ants (goyor).The story explains how the frequent dead ends in the structure have come about: a tribe of ants went to scoop out copra, but one of the ants had forgotten to take his chisel and went back home to get it. He told his colleagues to wait for him, but when he returned to the point where he had left them, they had already moved on. He called out for them, and when they answered, he went to the direction of their call. But the next time he called them, their answer came from the opposite direction of the hill, so he turned around, went back to the original trail and went to the other side of the hill. This is repeated several times. When the single ant finally finds his colleagues, he is so upset that he kills them.