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baby buffalo_2004
CL and CG demonstrate a buffalobaby. The video shows two buffaloes.
It's about wood carving. It is not yet processed.
Lexicon data
Bill bear movies
The raconteur talked about his experience with the film industry. He concentrated on the description of how he got down to participate in movies. Besides this he spoke about the type of character Indians usually embody in such movies.
flute playing
The recordings contains several songs played with a flute. It's only music. There is no text file.
Five different elder were interviewed about her health. The file is not yet processed.
FS5 speaks about the loss of knowledge concerning the Indian way of life.
FS5 talks about women and what they were taught by their Hoocąk elders.
The Clothing Song
This song belongs to the children’s songs.
This passage is about Little Red Riding Hood leaving her parents' place to go to her grandmother's house. Her mother and her are putting all the food etc. into a bag. On her way she is singing about her name, the naughty wolf and that she's going to visit her grandmother. All seven passages are partly sung and are always preceded by few sentences narrating the story.
Fire Song
This song belongs to the children’s songs.
MS31, MS4 and MS30 talked about stories they've listened to in their childhood. The grandfathers told them the stories. The stories are about fasting and thirsting. They had to go through hard times. MS4 and MS31 were of the opinion that it was very important to them to listen to such stories.
MS4 is talking about his first fasting for vision experience (took 4 days and 4 nights). He speaks about the dreams he had during the fasting. MS4 was 11/12 years old. Young boys are considered to be men after this practice.
FS5 talks about what and how she was taught by her mother (behavioral rules, relationship to her Teegas). She also speaks about her feathering ceremony.
birthday song
MS35 sings a birthday song in Hoocąk and in English.
FS12 talks about her childhood and her adult life. She used to cry a lot because she didn't know her mother.
This story is about the speaker's childhood. She talks about picking berries, cooking deer and living on a farm.
This is a christmas song in Hoocąk. This song is a Hoocąk version of the world-famous song "We wish you a merry Christmas".
As the grandmother is singing the wolf starts dancing. He then wraps her up in blankets, ties her and puts her under the bed to hider her. The wolf then puts all food in a bag and puts himself in bed aiming to imitate the grandmother. After Little Red Riding Hood entered her grandmother's house she starts singing (about taking care of her grandmother). All seven passages are partly sung and are always preceded by few sentences narrating the story.
The speaker says that he was little when he gave his heart/life to the Earthmaker and that this is what the hearer should do too if s/he thinks this is something good and true. The speaker also says that when a believer dies s/he will be singing.