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Two brides show their faces first time after their circumcition, to the waiting audience. One is Nevumba (left) the other is Majuma. Both show the traditional paintings for that special ritual
Two brides show their faces first time after circumcition, one is Nevumba the other is Majuma
Nkuyaki tells about animalsand other things, such as Baobab, Honey, Beer
Traditional Akie songs sung, Leadsinger: mainly Bahati, Madawa
Bahati tells about the meaning of birds for the Akie, e.g. how they are used during hunt to get information about the environment
Bahati explains how to make arrow poison which the Akie traditionally have bought from the Kamba. But Bahati learned it from them
Sákɛrʋà baobab, Bahati is surrounded by Kosome (little bees), which live in the earth. Bahati explains the special features of Kosome
Bahati makes a rope out of a tree bark. This rope is used as a safety rope for him where he holding him in front of the bee comb up in the baobab. It needs to be freshly made every time using it.
Nkoiseyyo shows a baobab cave which us used as a sleeping place for the night in the forest during honey collection
Nkoiseyyo standing in front of a baobab explains verious things of the Babobab; its meaning and use for the Akie.
Traditional Akie songs sung, Leadsinger: mainly Nkokooyai
Papalai in front of his sister's house narrates about how to harvest honey
Lamazani tells the story of a girld called Ntaakwa
Bahati narrates the story tale which explains how it came that the Akie became hunter gatherers whereas the Maasai became cattle herders, a very traditional Akie story
Nkokooyai talks about women's tasks standing in front or her house
Nankoyya tells about her children, the marriage of her very young daughters
Papalai narrates about how to hunt a kudu
Nkuyaki talks about small antelopes, how to hunt, the quality of their meet, their behavior
Straw bundle
Bahati collects different varieties of grass to prepare a straw bundle which is used to fumigate the bees before collecting the honey out of the beehive. The straw bundle has to be made freshly each time honey is being harvested.
Informal talk after singing