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Collecting the Idi plantnames based on the Nen plant names collected 1 week earlier. Speakers: Wasang Baio, Jimmy Nébni Idi-speaking women living in Bimadbn help with Idi plant name elicitation: Yowal Yirémb (Dimsisi) Pastor Sobae is her husband Wendy Songa (married to Goi) Wata Ymta (widow of Dibod) Sergo Daiba married to Songa Bill Dewara from Sibidiri, married into Dimsisi (joins in on track 04) IMAGE INFORMATION: idi20110919-01-NEc01.JPG: Jimmy Nébni recording the names of the idi plant name elicitation participants. Idaba Bautp (not participating, but interested), Waka Ymta, Yowal Yirémb, Wendy Songa. idi20110919-01-NEc02.JPG: Nick Evans with Wasang Baio (deceased, 2015). Wasang was Nick’s Idi language consultant for his field methods course taught at the 2011 Linguistic institute in Boulder, Colorado. idi20110919-01-NEc03.JPG: Jimmy Nébni with long-time friend Bill Dewara who is an Idi speaker originally from Sibidiri idi20110919-01-NEc04.JPG: Srga Daeba offers her name for the recording. Keywords: Plants; elicitation
DG tells Sinelugu Damaya story
Garamut drumming only
This is a recording of garden work. Abia Bai and his wife Lucy are planting yams in their garden. recorded with a Canon XA 10 with a mounted shotgun microphone Rode Videomic
Multiple interviews in this session: 1.) Michael's father, Idaba, standing in front of ancestral cane explaining its significance This story is transcribed. 2.) Idaba and Michael giving full history of ancestors; 3.) Ausa Waiga Dédéyag (actually recorded on 2008-10-13); 4.) Pastor Blag tells his life story about being trained as a missionary (actually recorded on 2008-10-13) Key words: Narrative; Geneaology; Personal History; History
tao kaukau sweet-potatoes baked under hot stones
Joe Masa from Dimsisi tells a series of bird stories in Idi. Audio and video collected. Keywords: Narrative; Birds
Song - Haleluia
AK talks about the cyclone
This is a recording involving three older men who talk about all kinds of ritualistic knowledge: male initiation, old myths, the origin of fire, etc. This is sensitive information which should not be played to women or uninitiated males of the Morehead area.
AH talks about the first school on Logea
Song - Yesu…
The fisherman Bukimeasun is a man-eater with the head and body of a human and the tail of a snake. A woman, Ririgono, falls in love with him and helps Bukimeasun to get rid of his tail and change into a person.
The speaker tells a pig-hunting story which took place 30 years ago at Masu. This is was recorded during fencing work at a river garden. The speaker carries a lapel microphone.
Legend: Teo Boo
Customary land demarcation. Verbal record of traditional custodian of land. Recorded in Malenka
AT talks about when they were little
Jimmy Nebni takes Nick Evans on a walk aroung the village, pointintg out the different houses, etc. The first track focuses on the houses and other buildings around the playing field. The second video is the wlk aroung the village. This takes place on PNG's Independence Day, 2011. Keywords: Village description; House-building; Material culture
DX relates mouse story 4 (Exercise bar)