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1 Wrestling festival 2013 at Tungan Bage
The wrestling festival takes place biennial and fighters from sorounding Kyanga villages are allowed to participate. In 2013 the winner was from Tungan Bage. The wrestling competition is a very old tradition of the Kyanga people. In former times the fight was much harder and harsher, for example iron bangles were used and peole got seriously injured. Therefore some old people show big battle scars. The Kyanga word for wrestling is ’dɛ̃̀nɛ̃́’ and means literally ’wife of war’. The social meaning of wrestling is about neighbourhood relationship and friendship. A personal report you find in the the session 'Lifestory of Makera' in 'Narrations'.
Fishery Lexis
In this session the researcher interviews in coordination with the consultant fishermen in several videos about their tools and fishery process sequences.
Sarfu KYW313
The elicitation session took place in a closed room with one (female) consultant. The offered audio version is a shortened extraction from a more than two hours session and represents the lexemes only and no further discussions. From time to time two good English and Hausa speaking people enter the room and help solving some of the questions.
2 Football match 2016, Tondi vs.Tungan Bage
Football match between the two teams of Tondi and Tungan Bage. Tondi won.