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Conversation between WN and HT about Haerudin's family and WN's life. Later a women joins the conversation.
An old woman tells the story of a girl called Bebet, she speaks very fast and somewhat unclear so that it was were difficult to transcribe the recording. Also the meaning isn't always clear.
Minimal pairs 1
This recording follows some pre-fieldwork preparatin questions aimed at checking some potential minimal pairs. I anounce the wrong date in this. It's actually 20140503.
Baptismal service held in Angguruk on January 23, 1972. For an overview (in German) consult the corresponding written resource.
References throughout the corpus refer to the original recordings archived under this node. Those named "Tb" are digitized reel-to-reel tapes, all remaining digitizations originate from actual cassette tapes. In some cases the included pdf-scans of the cassette-covers contain additional metadata.
Pak Rizal sings one of his songs, named "Bau Tunu", accompagnie by Muzakir H. Tondo (Guitar) and Azwar (Bass).
Story of the monkeys and the butterflies, beginning of story read from notes, then spontaneous narrative till free passage.
Nies is describing the short randomized set of the ECOM clips.
on war (against Ninia?)
WN recording two young men picking coconuts in the garden behind the house of GR. No relevant speech recorded.