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Retelling of pear film
Erecting a welcoming banner for Santo António at the village border
MB tells Ria about research team traveling to Baucau and their set-up there; lots about prices they have to pay for travel, hotel, eating out not quite relaxed and spontaneous, attempting to repeat a conversation they just had Audio resource contains segment preceding the video take when Ria Maria is still speaking about prices for going to Caisido, apparently unaware of recording
MB asks Abel about the ceremony
conversations on adat while eating at back of Lamberto’s house - stop and go recording
collection of quite short clips taken at various times during the day - NO CONTINUITY!, perempuan membersihkan beras dan bumbu-bumbu paskah bersama yang dilakukan oleh pemuda pemudi kegiatannya meliputi:pertemuan dengan tokoh pemudah (Salus),pertandingan sepak bola antara Ossowa gabungg sama Lialaileso lawan Kaisido dan Parlamento bunuh kambing satu ekor tidak ada vokalnya karena mic off ,masak-masak dan malamnya makan bersama selanjutnya dansa –dansa (dan masih ada kegiatan selanjutnya yang dilakukanyaitu gotong royong buat jalan raya sampai bak Lesi serentak oleh pemuda dan pemudi di kaisido 1km)
Retelling of pear film
frog story
documentation of speeches on the day before inauguration of new district head (diretor distrito) who was a school teacher before being appointed to this position [this is a tape prepared for the new district head on the day of his inauguration]
Retelling of pear film
documentation of ceremomies and speeches for inauguration of new district head [this is a tape prepared for the new district head on the day of his inauguration], LAGU Luis Aparicio Guterres dilantik jadi bupati kepala daerah tingakat II Baucau (Pelantikan jadi Bupati Baucau)
MB briefly summarizes Croc and Monkey story in Malay
Such announcements are part of all kind of celebrations, both public and private, and appear to be influenced by widespread Indonesian practice
Funeral Antonio M.Kai-Nuno - lagu kematian dinyanyikan pada saat seseorang meninggal dunia, terutama pada orang tua yang meninggal, Naha-Susu dan Paul yang pimpin nyanian itu [see also clips 'cooking' and 'pig_parts'
MB instructs speakers to repeat sentences/phrase as commands, calls, questions, etc.