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Document on preparation of medicine against children's coughs. Consultant also talks about alternative plants to be taken as well as the dosage of one toxic plant (papamoko) corresponding to the ages of the children.
Document on the preparation of medication to make the placenta come out after child-birth. The consultant gives detailed accounts of when to drink this medication after child-birth. She also talks about other usages of the medicine for different illnesses.
Document on the preparation of plant medicine against stomach ulcers. This medication is an alternative to the viihoatu-medicine which involves complex eating taboos, and a purification with the tiheke-oil. The taking of this medicine involves less eating taboos and there is no need for purification.
Document on how to prepare a massaging oil against muscle aches and pains caused by fever. The document also shows the massaging techniques.
In this session the consultant talks about the paepae Pikivehine at Taioha'e (Nuku Hiva island).
Document on the treatment of the vagina of baby girl just after birth. The document gives detailed accounts of how, when and which plant to use for this treatment.
Document on the treatment of baby girls' vagina after birth. It is told how, when and how often to the medication has to be taken. This medication is a better alternative to the medication with the 'koiie 'ehi'-plant ("very young coconut") (see 'link').
Document on how to prepare a plant to use for skin treatment (not for healing of skin diseases). It has the same effects (smoothing of the skin) as the paku with the koku'u-plant.
Document shows the preparation of a plant for women after child-birth which heals wounds and relieves from pains in the vaginal area. The consultant talks in detail about how to prepare and apply the plant.
Document on how prepare certain plants for the treatment of the skin. It is also explained in detail how to apply it on the skin.
Short document on which woods etc. are taken for making a kneading-trough to use for the preparation of plant medicine.
In this session the story the narrator tells the story of how a woman's spirit enters into Havaiki.
Document on the preparation of plant medicine against stomach ulcers. The treatment with this medicine also involves complex eating taboos which are explained in detail. The treatment has to be completed with a so-called 'tiheke', cooked coconut milk which causes heavy diahoerrea and thus purifies the body of the toxic medicinal plants. The preparation of the tiheke is not shown as such, but the preparation is explained.
Document explains the various uses of the tutu-plant, namely using it as a detergent and as medication.
Document describes and shows preparation of the medicinal uses of ginger. It particularily describes the effects for women after child-birth and when menstruating.
Document showing the preparation of plant medicine (massaging oil) healing ear infections and feverous pains of children around the head area. Document also showing the way of massaging the oil.