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Maria Mateus explains how an endocannibalistic ritual is performed on a man who was considered a hard worker. People want to eat his flesh in order to gain his force. Maria participated in the ritual when she was a child.
Alicia performs and explains He ika chanting.
Marcelino talks about Cashinahua shamanism.
Nawa_Nukuni (16 :46.000) Marcelino conta onde viviam os caxinauás antigamente (no alto Envira), antes do contato com os ocidentais, e como eram : usando brincos de grandes conchas de caramujo. Diz também que como eram pacificos quando o governo/FUNAI entrou em contato com eles. Fala da dispersão do grupo, da época que sairam do alto Envira por terem matado Patrice e esposa. Fala também do encontro que fizeram com os marinauás no final dos anos 40.
Miguel tells Eliane the ancient funeral rituals of endocannibalism.
The conversation is on illnesses, ways of healing them and on herbal medicine.
Alicia performs and explains He ika chanting.
The story is about a man who kills his wife by mistake and pretends for days that she is still alive.
This narrative tells the life of an unlucky hunter.
Tomas explains XXX.
This is the story of Kuman txan ika, a spirit which knows how to crack open ("txan ika") the fruit of the Kumaru tree (Kuman). The Kuman txan ika steals the necklace of the rat who uses a trick to get it back from him. When Kuman txan ika finds out, he wants to take revenge on the rat and kill it. The rat pretends that it has taken poison and died, and Kuman txan ika, believing it, gets very sad.
The story explains the origin of the moon as the head of a man.