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This session contains a tale about a poor man who was given a sacred reindeer (ed'ek) by God and became rich though the magic influence of this reindeer.
TOP09_GNM_6_3_Dead Spirit Baby
This session deals with Even funeral and birth rituals.
This session contains a fragment of a conversation between GNM and SAT. SAT has come to GNM's house to ask for a key of the sauna. GNM starts talkign about the teaching of Even in schools; when SAT tries to excuse himself by referring to his friend Petr, who is waiting for him, GNM tells a story about Petr waiting for SAT on different occasions.
Top09_GNM_2_3_shamans and kulaks
This session contains a story of the speaker's grandfather and the way he was dispossessed by the Soviet authorities because he was a shaman.
Top09_GNM_3_2_Funny Story about Father
This session contains an anegdote about the speaker's father and his so-called Arctic hysteria.
GNM was asked by AL and DM to explain the institution of Sacred Reindeer among the Evens. She explained the details about the consecration of sacred reindeer, and how offerings to sacred fire are made. Then she added how she performs fumigation for children in the village school, about the organisation of the new village festival hebdjek, about Even lullabies and the rituals of femininity (wedding, first menstruation).
This session contains a long and very excursive monologue by the speaker, occasionally interrupted by the questions from the interviewers, about the relationship of the Evens to the nature, especially to reindeer and birds. She describes different types of reindeer and recalls that in the Even dance, hed'e, boys and girls used to be compared to reindeer.
Top09_GNM_4_3_Funny Story about a fawn
This session contains an anegdote about the speaker's journey through the forest.