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The story about hermit crab and rat, the friendship of whom ends over an argument about the just sharing of sea almonds.
A traditional story about an elder woman shedding her skin to become young again. Her still pretty young daughter does not accept her as her mother any more, so that the woman puts on the old skin again. In the end the woman explains that now the girl not having agreed on the shedding of old skin by human beings, these will be mortal.
Story about a man and a spirit in ta reef that takes him to another island and brings him back to Vanua Lava, and then sats down at the position where it can be found today.
Story about two sisters who refuse to marry their appropriate groom. When going to a feast, they fall in love with a young man who takes them to his home, a cave. At night, the younger finds out that he is in fact a ghost, not a human being and that they are thus in great danger. They flee from him back home to their parents who explain that one has to agree on marrying one's appropriate partner in order to live well.