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The documentation team arrives in Ngolo. Some villagers help unload the car with the equipment and bring it to a hut. As the guests arrive, the villagers gather, waiting for what will happen, as a public viewing of documentary videos has been planned. The villagers and the team walk over to a school building that is under construction. Nadine and Dan are hanging a white bed sheet over a beam that will serve as a screen. In the meantime, the Bagyeli assemble in front of the screen. Djiedjhie explains what the team is doing and Ada plays with the top of a snail shell that he uses as a top in the sand. Djiedjhie hands out bread as a snack and Délégué, who cannot speak, shows is appreciation non-verbally. More and more Bagyeli arrive and settle in, waiting for the videos to start.
After a long struggle with the generator which was supposed to provide electricity for the projector, Nadine shows the videos on her laptop. While watching the videos, the inhabitants of Ngolo comment freely on what they see and express their joy about the videos. Especially appreciated is the video about the honey collection of 2011 (in the procedural/observational collection) and the honey sharing afterwards.
The Bagyeli of Ngolo watch videos that have been captured in 2011 and 2012. After having shown videos from Ngolo, Nadine now also shows videos from Bibira, a Gyeli village in the Mabi contact region, for instance how the Bibira healer Ngyamba unfolds a long net used for hunting. Instead of retrieving the shown videos and their situations from memory, the audience now discusses what they see. The showing of the "Bapeya" dance and its impressive highlight, the dance in the palm tree, (in the Music and dance collection) causes a lot of excitement as well as watching their dogs.