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Files 01-20: This is a plantwalk in the morning in the area between Rouku and the Morehead river. (south of Rouku, along the northern bank of the Morehead). Recording 03 has been transcribed and uploaded as a separated audio file. The audio has been extracted from the video for transcription. In this recording Sékri Karmébu, Nakre Abia and Mea Abia talk about a girl (Anne) who was killed by a crocodile in 2010, about 2 months before I first visited Rouku. Files 21-32: This is another plantwalk in the afternoon in the area northwest of Rouku. We walked along the road to Morehead for about 1km. There, we left the road and took a circle through the adjacent forest. During this part, Sékri's son and Nakre's daughter walked along with us. Files 33-36: This is a recording the preparatory work. We are unloading the collected plant material into Abia Bai's house. We are cutting, sorting and labelling the little piles. Later, they were pressed into vouchers. All plant names are recorded again. All recordings were made with a CANON XA10 with a mounted shotgun microphone (RODE VIDEOMIC)
This is continuation of the plantwalk (tci20150916). We walk together with Caspar Mokai, Turaki Forak, Nakre Abia and a number of small boys. The walk takes us along the northwest of Rouku. We pass by several garden places. All recordings were made with CANON XA10 with a mounted shotgun microphone (RODE VIDEOMIC).