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The story is about a man who kills his wife by mistake and pretends for days that she is still alive.
This is the story of Kuman txan ika, a spirit which knows how to crack open ("txan ika") the fruit of the Kumaru tree (Kuman). The Kuman txan ika steals the necklace of the rat who uses a trick to get it back from him. When Kuman txan ika finds out, he wants to take revenge on the rat and kill it. The rat pretends that it has taken poison and died, and Kuman txan ika, believing it, gets very sad.
The story explains the origin of the moon as the head of a man.
The story is about two Cashinahua men who get lost in the forest.
The story is about an old woman who can only eat corn which is not yet fully ripened because she does not have teeth any more. She is cheated by her daughter and her son-in-law who do not want her to eat up their harvest. When she finds out that the corn has fully ripened and become hard and that they hadn't told her on purpose when it was at the stage for her to eat it, she goes into the forest and turns into an armadillo. This story is also contained in the story-collection by João Capistrano de Abreu.
The story is about the child of a female spirit who lives at a little river (igarapé).
The story is about an enchanted dog that kills a woman.
The story is about a bad hunter who accompanies his relatives on a hunting trip. isThe others are good hunters and try to play a trick on him, but in the end he is the one who by chance manages to kill much more game than the others.
Mario gives a description of the feast of Haika.
The story is also in the story collection by Capistrano de Abreu. It is about a woman who meets a ravenous frog.
The story starts with a song. The content of the story is not known yet.