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This story is about how the raconteur used to go cherry picking with his grandmother and other Hoocąks when he was little.
This is a story about MS1's childhood. He speaks about what he was taught by his parents and that Hoocąk used to be the only language spoken (at home).
MS11 tells a story about woodcutter. They couldn't prognose in which direction the tree fell after chopping it down. So they tried to run away from it.
This story is about twins meeting a bird called "War Holler".
A man went hunting. When he returned he found the wigwam where he had left his wife torn apart. While looking for her a white wolf appeared telling him that he'll protect him. The man finally found his wife but was put down by others who then killed him by running over him with their horses. The wolf collected all the bones of this man, put them together, and in the third night this man came back to life. The wolf and the man then went to the people who had done this to him and took revenge by killing them the same way they had killed him.
This story is about earning money with picking cherries and cranberries.
The raconteur speaks about his family and about how his family's name came about.
This is a story about picking blueberries.
This is a story about MS32 and his brothers setting the woods on fire.
This is a short story about a grizzly bear and a man running away from it.