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This is taken from the AIATSIS archive (314a), in turn from the Capell archive (Original tape 346a). It contains an elicitation session from Alf Brown, conducted by Heather Hinch, giving some Marrku vocabulary and basic inflected verbs. A paper copy of her transcriptions also exists.
This continues the recordings of Marrku made by Heather Hinch with Alf Brown. This recording contains grammatical elicitation (ctd), elicitation of paradigm for 'wash', and some stories told in Marrku (not yet transcribed).
This file contains a number of short stories in Marrku by Alf Brown, recorded by Heather Hinch, mostly followed by an English version, also by Alf Brown. The final portion of the tape contains a longer story, told by Alf Brown (and at much greater fluency) in Garig, followed by a shorter English translation. The Marrku stories have been transcribed more or less completely (and two of them appear, with Iwaidja and English translations, in Majila Inkawart); the Garig story still needs to be transcribed properly but is very difficult because of its speed.