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main occupations of the Isubu,when CY and ETA were younger like fishing,smoking of fish and trading
Isubu dictionary
The first part of this dictionary consists of a short grammatical sketch to give an idea of the basic structure of the language to the reader. Then come the Isubu - English and English - Isubu sections. In both sections, the head entry is followed either by the part of speech the word belongs to and the translation, or the plural counterpart (in case of nouns) the part of speech (thus n.) and the translation. When necessary, some explanations are provided in parentheses just after the head entry or the translation for more clues on the word’s meaning. example sentences are not included in the respective entries.
CY and ETA tell personal stories of their lives, for example on a journey of CY to Nigeria, the first women's day celebrated in Cameroon, stories about friendships and marriage.
The preparation of different dishes is explained on the recording: the preparation of pap, Koki corn and the drying of corn.
The preparation of different dishes is described: the preparation of starch, Miondo, Waterfufu, Koki Cassava, steamed fish, Masoma, cassava with plum and the drying and cooking of crayfish (with palm nut soup).
On this recording, the preparation of sniffing tobacco and ripe plantains are explained.