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Participant gives short definitions of some terms for landscape features
Translator pronounces !Xoon place name for Gunsteling
Participant explains the traditional clothes he is wearing.
Short speech sample of middle-aged woman living on a commercial farm. Participant tells the name of her mothers and two of her mother's sisters living in the Corridor.
Translator pronounces !Xoon place name for Hoop
Translator pronounces !Xoon place name for Lekkerwater
Participant narrates a story about a lion coming to people's houses at night and stealing meat from their pots.
Participant pronounces plant names collected during a cultural mapping tour
Participant complains about poor livelihoods.
Story about Jackal and Porcupine: Jackal and Porcupine are hungry. They go to the farm of a Boer, enter the kraal through a hole in the fencing, kill a sheep and eat it. Porcupine eats a lot, Jackal eats only little since he is clever. Porcupine eats so much that his belly is too big to fit through the hole in the fencing. Jackal calls out. The Boer comes with his rifle and shoots Porcupine while Jackal is able to escape.
Coccinia rehmannii is a perennial climber. The root is used all year round as a source of both water and starch which provides. They are roasted in hot ashes, stamped and mashed with the leaves of Talinum species in order to add taste. They may also be roasted in fat in a pot like fried potatoes. In former times the liquid was sucked for moisture when there was no water. The term in both the 'N|ohan and West !Xoon varieties for Coccinia rehmannii is nʘaqe. There are no different forms in the singular and plural.
The box is made from an old plastic drum with an opening cut into it for the speaker and a mobile radio connected to it.
Translator pronounces !Xoon plant name
Participant talks about formicine ants which used to be eaten by the !Xoon people.