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Edirol. Distance 10cm, duration 4:25. Outdoor, a bit windy speaker is confident
Indoor. The speaker is a bit nervous; later a bit calmer. Canon Legria and Edirol. Duration 2:00. Mic distance 35. Rec level 70. MPEG4 and wav files.
The speaker is a bit shy and calm in the beginning and becomes more and more confident. outdoor, child noise in the background. Edirol, mic at 20 cm, Rec level 70. Duration 4:41
Recording situation outdoor, speaker was confident to talk and proud of it. Edirol. 3 cm microphone distance.
Edirol. Distance 30cm, rec level 70 duration 1:54. Indoor. Speaker is confident
Outdoor recording, a bit windy. Zoom H4. Duration 1:32. Mic distance 15 cm. Wav recording
Edirol. Distance 10 cm, rec level 70 duration 3:09. Outdoor. Speaker is confident
Duration 1:23: Speaker is confident to talk. outdoor, people talking in the background. Canon Leria. Mic Distance 1m. MPEG4 file