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Bill bear movies
The raconteur talked about his experience with the film industry. He concentrated on the description of how he got down to participate in movies. Besides this he spoke about the type of character Indians usually embody in such movies.
A man who went hunting came across a cave which he entered. When he saw an eye he used his bow and arrow and shot. He had killed a giant. He returned to his village and brought the giant's hip with him of which he made himself a bowl, although his fellow tribesmen forbade it. One day some giants went after him and killed him. The moral of this story is not to do what you're not supposed to do.
MS4 and MS7 tell each other stories about horses, e.g. where they bought them and what experience they made riding them.
This is a story from MS4. He told a story about a horse, which was bought and which he has to bring home. But he meets with opposition, which he has to face.