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Attempt at eliciting talk about “mad” actions, talking about retarded boy; spontaneous discourse related to fishing.
Support statement for ESB by DB in Jaminjung.
All-new scenes elicited with toy figures/animals, continued from ES09_A01_01. Photos of configurations included.
Story about a murder near Legune when the speakers were very young.
There is a corroborree at One-mile, with some singing and dancing( only male). The main singers are ER and LR. Many people are present, maybe 20 all together. link to video recording?
Life and work on Auvergne Station and during holidays. DB's granddaughter NB is also present. Cont. from ES08_A11_01; cont. on ES08_A11_03
Checking and follow-up of ES08_A04_02: traditional ways of making spear heads from kattamarlga quartz flakes, obtaining them after a bushfire; and looking for the stones in vain these days.
Describing a sugar-free diet – what not to eat
Waiting for Linguist to turn up, Pandanus continued; other plants along the creek and their uses for animals and people; fishing with poison and at first rain time.
Discussion of Hot Weather. Discussion of an event earlier in the morning: ESB had come to look for JM and ERa at Myatt Community but found only ERa who said that JM had gone to the shop in TC in another car. ESB and ERa set out to follow her but half way along the road a car passed us and ERa said that JM was in the car. We then turned back ourselves going to Myatt once more, and picked up JM from there to go back to TC. Talking about not recognising ESB when she first came back that year.
Jaminjung and Ngaliwurru Field notes not accompanied by a recording made by Eva Schultze-Berndt between 15 August and 24 August 2005 in Timber Creek. 44 Sentences in total, transcribed with free translation and interlinear glosses.
Field notes: isolated elicited or overheard utterances not accompanied by a recording
Speaker reminiscenses about childhood in Timber Creek.
Wind and some other weather expressions; chat about not recognising ESB in a hired car, Katherine races, linguists’ work.
Visit to Bradshaw and Gimil country with army plane; place names and description of trip. (Checked with IP, EH, DBit; 18/05/2008)
Eliciting how to ask questions about someone's name and skin, prompted by the presence of someone (CB) who the speakers did not know before.
Story told jointly by IP and EH about a bush trip with a boat in the old days with their uncle. Camping on an island, getting bogged in the mud, collecting and eating turtle eggs and other bush food, watching a plane circling over the island. Cont. from ES08_A04_05, Cont. on ES08_A04_07.
Positionals Red Book (MPI Elicitation Tool) pictures –- Description of photos of objects in different positions (continued from ES01_A01_03). Speakers MJ, DB, DP, VR, Jaminjung. Annotations by Dorothea Hoffmann & Eva Schultze-Berndt.