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This is a recording of garden work. Abia Bai and his wife Lucy are planting yams in their garden. recorded with a Canon XA 10 with a mounted shotgun microphone Rode Videomic
This is a recording involving three older men who talk about all kinds of ritualistic knowledge: male initiation, old myths, the origin of fire, etc. This is sensitive information which should not be played to women or uninitiated males of the Morehead area.
The speaker tells a pig-hunting story which took place 30 years ago at Masu. This is was recorded during fencing work at a river garden. The speaker carries a lapel microphone.
This is a recording of a village court in Yokwa/Safs village. The village court took place over several days and involved 4-5 different cases. This set of recordings was shot over the course of one day and it covers part of only one court case. The two opposing parties are sitting a opposite sides of the village square. There are many spectators. The magistrates are sitting under a little roof at on end of the square. The magistrates come from several villages (Rouku, Indorodoro, Wando). This court case is about one family (Sangara clan) which accuses three men from another family (Bangu clan) of using black magic. The Sangara family has had several members who had become sick, some have passed away. At the same time, this family had not "repayed" girls to the Bangu family. Therefore, they accused the Bangu family of being responsible for the sickness and death. The formal rules are very strict during a court hearing. Only one man from one side talks at a given time. He will walk to the middle of the square and pick up a stick. This is a sign of claiming the floor. Then he talks angrily and vigorously until he leaves and a person from the other side claims the floor. There is a stick planted in the middle of the square. A sorcerer who admits his guilt will pull out the stick. I was told that this has happened the previous day. There case was not settled during the time I visited Yokwa. This was partly due to the fact that it could not be determined whether or not black magic was used. Towards the end of the court case, an expert consultant examines one of the three Bangu brother to check whether or not he is a sorcerer. No concluding judgment was passed, however. All recordings were made with a CANON XA10 with a mounted shotgun microphone (RODE VIDEOMIC)
Nakre Abia goes through the Southern New Guinea word list and minimal pairs for vowel analysis with Christian and Julia. She is wearing a head-mounted mic, so her voice is very clear. The video was to capture gestural information to assist in the segmental analysis. The audio file was from the head-mounted mic connected to the PMD661 Marantz recorder. The video audio is from the video camera. The two have not been syncronised. Keywords: Word list; Elisitation; Phonetics
This is a personal history of a man who is in charge of the only truck in the Morehead District. He talks about his experience with driving several trucks of the last 30 years. He is a influential, respected man in the village. The recording was made at his house in Rouku with several bystanders from his clan. The speaker was drinking beer while talking and he was drunk. He mixes up some fact and keeps on refering to me as steveAko5w
This is recording of Wermeng Wärménḡ Maembu. He talks about genealogy and a land dispute with another Sanḡara clan in Rouku. This material should be considered sensitive, at least until properly reviewed. recordings: tci20120926CDa-01, tci20120926CDa-02, and tci20120926CDa-03 are made with a Marantz PMD 661 recording: tci20120926CD-04 includes an audio file made with a Sony HDR HC1 videocamera
This is a recording of a namesake ceremony / baby feast. A number of different baby ceremonies are combined for this event. Mera Forak makes the announcements. He talks mixed between Kómnzo and Wára. Pastor Mbanḡi gives the prayer in Nama. The first part is for two babies of Jinato who married in from a Suki village. Jinato has died while giving birth and hence there is a lots of crying and public wailing during this part. Usually the relatives of the mother would come, but Suki is too far away. The Mayawa clan takes over this part because one of the mothers Mbäi’s wife came from Suki. There is a lot of public wailing in this part. After this, several other babies are celebrated and their respective namesake there are many and the relatives hold up the babies and pass over little gifts. Towards the end, there is a little girl celebrated accompanied by another outbreak of public wailing. This is because the girl’s namesake Mauri is a woman who has passed away some weeks prior. The woman’s husband Orot breaks out in crying. recorded with a Canon XA-10 videocamera and a Rode Videomic mounted on top.
This is a recording in a garden place about 2km North-East of Rouku. The main speaker had begun to lay out a new garden and clear to ground. He took me to his garden and we made a number of recordings. all recordings made with Canon XA 10 and a shotgun microphone Rode Videomic. tci20130823CDa-01.wav + tci20130823CDv-01.mpeg tci20130823CDv-01.wav -> This is a procedural about how to make a garden. tci20130823CDa-01.wav was recorded with a wireless lapel microphone on the speaker's shirt. tci20130823CDv-02.mpeg, tci20130823CDv-03.mpeg, tci20130823CDv-04.mpeg, tci20130823CDv-05.mpeg -> panning over the garden site. tci20130823CDv-06.mpeg -> another speaker passed by on a bicycle. he stayed for 30minutes and sat down talking to us. tci20130823CDv-07.mpeg, tci20130823CDv-08.mpeg, tci20130823CDv-09.mpeg tci20130823CDv-08.wav -> walking back to Rouku
Nakre Abia explains to me how she produces the white lime powder that is used for chewing betelnut: calcium hydroxide slaked lime. The recording spreads over the whole day. recorded with a Canon XA 10 with a mounted shotgun microphone Rode Videomic
This is recording of a feast in Rouku. The feast is held in honour of Abia Bai who is leaving his post as a Local Level Government Member for Ward 16 Rouku,Ufarua,Thamnḡakar&Fórzitho. He was not re-elected earlier in the year and his family is arranging the feast for his supporters. tci20131103-01: cutting up a pig tci20131103-02 - tci20131103-03: opening the ground oven with the yam cake tci20131103-04: a farewell speech by Abia Bai tci20131103-05 - tci20131103-09: dancing and singing in the night tci20131103-08: at the end of this recording Ako Koko is delivering a speech. He is obviously intoxicated. This genre of speech is called se zókwasi bark language and involves a man circling the dancing ground with a bark torch. While doing this, he talks loudly and vigorously. Se Zókwasi is a genre during which it is expected to talk angrily.
This is a set of recordings made in the village of Yokwa or Safés. Yokwa is about 10km to the West of Rouku. I was invited to Yokwa to witness a the opening of a communal yam storage house. This is part of a ritual which the anthropologist Mary Ayres has called finishing the memory. It involves the destruction of a grave house and the subsequent erection of a yam storage house on the same spot. The festivities of this day involved a number of different activities. tci20131009-01: a couple if men describe to me what this event is about. The main speaker is Yofar Anau. tci20131009-02: a story by Kimai Mbari tci20131009-03: Railey Abia from Rouku and Ntami Kawar sort their share of the yams. tci20131009-04: Ntami Kawar and Joseph Maiwar talks about what is happening. Joseph Maiwar shows me his share of yams and takes me on a tour through the inside of the yam house. The recording ends with a public announcement by Moronk Nḡwam. tci20131009-05: Ntami Kawar is sorting his yams tci20131009-06 - tci20131009-16: several shots of the yam storage house tci20131009-12 & tci20131009-13: lunch is served tci20131009-17-18: I am walking through the village with Ntami Kawar and Nḡwam Foyam to the grave house. It is the grave of Ntami Kawar's father. His name was Kawar Ntami and he passed away about 5 years prior. tci20131009-19 - tci20131009-23: The grave house is taken apart. Almost all parts are burnt. The plants surrounding the grave are also cut down. The ground is flattened at the end. tci20131009-22: Wärménḡ Maembu from Rouku describes to me that the old customs have changed: The grave will be marked with a concrete slab and the practice of building the yam storage house directly on top of the grave has been abandoned. tci20131009-24: back at the yam storage house John Kawar presents his knife dance. John is a man who has been away from the Morehead District for many years. He worked in Bougainville as a welder and lived in Moresby for most of his life. I met him many times before in Rouku or in Morehead. He promised to show me his knife dance - a performance greatly anticipated by all the younger people. tci20131009-25: Ntami Kawar describes the yam house and its cultural significance to me. recorded with a Canon XA 10 with a mounted shotgun microphone Rode Videomic.
This is a set recording of a canoe trip to the anchoring place of Gunana. CD has arrived in Rouku a few days prior. Daure Kaumb takes him on a canoe to visit the people of Gunana, a hamlet in the vicinity of Rouku. Files 01 and 02 contain the actual boatrip. Halfway through file 03 both arrive at the canoe place and greet the people there. The canoe place is about 3km downriver from Rouku. File 04 was only a few seconds long. File 05 contains some conversation. However, the videocamera ran out of power 5 minutes into the recording. All recording were created with a CANON XA10 with a mounted shotgun mic RODE VIDEOMIC
This is recording is part of visiting place around Rouku. These are places associated with the Mayawa section, Mérzér clan in particular. Daure Kaumb took me on a walk around Rouku and told a little story about each place. The place is: ménteri GPS: S8 42.063 E141 36.368 recorded with a Sony HDR HC1 and the speaker was wearing a Marantz PMD 661 with a head-mounted AKG microphone. The audio was running for several hours and only later segmented.
This is a story about a particular hunting expedition which the speaker and some friends undertook when they were young.
This is recording is part of visiting place around Rouku. These are places associated with the Mayawa section, Mérzér clan in particular. Daure Kaumb took me on a walk around Rouku and told a little story about each place. The place is: säfifók GPS: S8 42.381 E141 36.125 recorded with a Sony HDR HC1 and the speaker was wearing a Marantz PMD 661 with a head-mounted AKG microphone. The audio was running for several hours and only later segmented.
This is a socio-linguistic interview with Maembu Kwozi who talks about his personal history. The recording then moves over to an elicitation session with Ruth Nakre Abia. recorded with a Marantz PMD 661.
This is a short procedural about a particular magic that can be used to extend the length of a day. The researcher asked about this after hearing this from someone else.
a short description of the fawn-breasted bowerbird's nest nzöyär. the speaker points out such a nest and describes the bird's behaviour.