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AM explains the solar movements (solstices), first in Spanish and then in Lacandon.
CNK performs what the collectors assumed to be U K'ay ti7 Huch' 'Song for Grinding (Corn)', the traditional women's work song that accompanies the making of tortillas. The event was prompted by the collectors, in an effort to record women's discourse genres. However, it is clear that this particular song is not the same as JK's version of U K'ay ti' Päk'äch 'The Song for MakingTortillas'. Nevertheless, the performance provides an opportunity to study the creative use of language in a non-ordinary speech context. The household ambience is preserved, with family members going about their daily lives. Chickens and dogs go about their business freely, and their squawking and barking occassionally overlaps CNK's voice.
AM talks about the ceiba tree, in answer ot the interviewer's question about its origin. He then goes on to talk about his continued observance of traditional religious protocol, his making and giving of offerings to the gods, etc. This session follows from Ceiba_Exp_AM_02
AM narrates a story
This is a traditional Lacandon folk story, which the participant was asked to write in his own language, from his own memory. This is one of several written examples, that the collectors prompted the participant to write. He was left alone to write this story. The topic was of his own choosing. Our purpose is to compare the structure and language of written texts with their oral counterparts. This text has been typed up and transcribed, and can be found in the file, Dog_Croc_KGP.txt . An oral version of this story ican be found in session Dog_Croc_SK.
AM describes and explains the significance of ya7ache7 wah, Literally 'ceiba tree tortilla'. A Spanish translation of the same topic is provided by AM in the session immediately preceding this one. This is in reply to the collectors' question regarding the significance of the ceiba tree.
KGP's The Pistol Story of the gun, the devil and the man, is a written text by KGP, who wrote it for the collectors in July 13, 2000. It has been transcribed and typed into Pistol_KGP.txt .
AM sings U K'ayil Barum 'Song of the Jaguar'. This was video-recorded at the same time as Jag_Song_AM.imdi. The latter is audio only. The song was requested by the collectors. Before singing the song, AM explains what is it about and the purpose for singing it.
AM sings U K'ayil ti7 Boox 'Song to the Gourd'. It is part of a longer session , NarTra_AM_02, in which AM laments the loss of traditional Lacandón culture among the young members of society. Presumably, this song is one traditional song that is fading from the collective memory. Although not contained in this session, AM explains that this song is really about the the balche beverage, not about a beautiful young women implied in the lines of the song. He expands on the significance of the Song to the Gourd in session NarTra_AM_03.
AM narrates a story.