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The session consists of the third of three versions of a story with a tatú as a protagonist which is told by Alcides Alfredo Kaxinawá who is an agroforestry agent living in a place about half an hour by boat from the village of Mucuripe/ Praia do Carapanã. The story was elicited by elaborating in a workshop on a narrative text collected by Capistrano de Abreu between 1904 and 1905 with two Cashinahua speakers from the Murú (Ibuaçu) river, an area which is situated adjacent to the areas in which the participants of the workshop are living. The narrative by Capistrano with a similar subject (an old woman that turned into a tatú) was written down in a phonetic orthography developed by the author. In the workshop it was conversed into current official and phonological orthography as an exercise to conscientiate the participants about orthographic practice as a process which may change with time and increasing knowledge with regard to the structure of the language. Alcides is the only one of the three story-tellers who accompanies his speech with many gestures. He gives an introduction of about 2 minutes before starting with the story itself.