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Honey Badger is sent to fetch honey by his uncle. When he has taken down the honey, he calls his friend Eland to come and eat. He gives the best pieces to his friend and brings only the rest back home. The next time, the one who sent him, lies in wait and watches what Honey Badger does with Eland. He waits until Honey Badger has gone and kills Eland. The next time Honey Badger calls for Eland in vain. When he realizes that his friend was killed, he puts a snake in his bag and makes his uncle reach into the back. The uncle is bitten by the snake. Honey Badger leaves the place and kills more people with the help of the snake. Lesson to be learned according to translator: When someone sends you to get something you must not give it to your friend. Otherwise the person will make a plan to kill your friend.
Participant tells her life history (Birth and childhood in Botswana with her stepfather, work in a farm kitchen in Namibia, from there to Corridor 21 and back to her blood father in Botswana, from there to Corridor 21 and later Corridor 18. Lists the names of her children. Says she came back with empty hands from any efforts she made to get life. Goes on talking about traditional performances in overseas and in other countries of Southern Africa.)
A young man who possessed only one pair of trousers and only one shirt used to wash himself on Saturdays and ride to his beloved one. He used to ride naked up to the gate holding the trousers and shirt in his hand. He only dressed at the gate. One day his horse throwed the rider undressed in front of the girl's house. The young man was ashamed and ran away and never came back. Lesson to be learned according to translator: Even if you are poor and your clothes are dirty, you have to dress. You must not pretend to be rich if you want to have a wife. You must just tell her how poor you are and see whether she accepts you how you are.
The son-in-law in spe chosen by the parents of the girl resorts to a trick in order to discredit his rival who is the son of a chief and adored by the girl. In the end the girl falls in love with the man whom her parents had chosen for her.
Participant tells a number of stories with jackal as the main protagonist.