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The daughter of the chief was sick. The chief was looking for someone to help is daughter. He promised to give his daughter as a wife to the one who was able to cure her. Three men heard about it and agreed to go together to the chief's place which was far away. One of them had had water, the second one had bread and the third one had fish. After a while the one with fish got thirsty. He asked his colleague to let him drink water. This one asked a fish in return. This happened again and again until no fish was left. When he asked for water again, his colleague told him to give him one of his ears in return. In this way the one who had had fish lost both his ears, his nose and his eyes. When he had given away his second eye the other two left him behind and he lost his way. When they told the chief that they had come to treat his daughter, he let them in. But the daughter didn't get better and they were chased away. The one who had lost his senses came to the tree where the wild animals used to hold their meetings. The blind man was sitting on the tree when they came to hold their meeting. The chameleon was the guard and always looking around. It said: "If I was the one without eyes and ears and nose would take the leaves from this tree and put them on my eyes." And the blind man heard him and put the leaves on his eyes and ears and nose and got back his senses. Then the chameleon said: "If I was the one who want to help the daughter of the chief I would let her drink weak marihuana frist and then strong marihuana. When the animals had finished their meeting, the one who had had fishes climbed down from the tree and gathered marihuana leaves: weak and strong ones and prepared the decoctions. He told the chief that he had come to treat his daughter. But the chief didn't want to let him in. But the daughter begged him to do so and he did. He treated the daughter in the way the chameleon had told him and the daughter became healthy again and the chief gave him his daughter as a wife. And the other two came and asked how he managed to get his senses back. He told them about the tree of the wild animals. They went there as well and climbed the tree. The animals came to hold their meeting. One of the two had to piss. The animals said: "Thank you God for the rain." Later he also had to shit. Then the animals said: "Thank you God for the bread." But chameleon is the one who is looking around and makes them out on the tree. He says: "Get these people and kill them."
Story about two brothers, the younger one being clever boy ||Um-thuru. The elder brother is married to a wife who, in reality, is an elephant. ||Um-thuru warns his brother about the true identity of his wife and but the latter doesn't want to listen. ||Um-thuru kills his sister-in-law. Her family send some men in revenge. But ||Um-thuru hides the body of his sister-in-law and his brother in an anthill. He himself stays outside. When the men try to kill him, he ducks in such a skilful manner between and behind them that they kill each other instead of him until only a few of them are alive who give up and go home. ||Um-thuru sits on the the anthill praising his name and saying that he was not born like other people but emerged from the armpit of his mother.
Young woman makes a plea for the restitution of land to the !Xoon people.