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Cricket and Ostrich want to steal Eland's child. They plan to do so during the traditional dance at night. When people start entering into trance, they tell the women to take their child off from their backs. Dancing continues. Ostrich grabs Eland's child and runs away with it. Eland's relatives start in pursuit of Ostrich, but Ostrich throws fire and thorns in its tracks so that they have to give up the pursuit. Eland's relatives make a plan and announce another dance. During this dance, they take back their child. Story teller explains that Cricket wants to have Eland's child because it is white and fat while her own child is black and ugly. Eland's baby vomit's Cricket's black milk and becomes sick. Ostrich and Eland are relatives. Eland cannot run herself because she is too fat. For different versions of the same story see TWa040605-22 and TWa040612-03.