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Hare is jealous of Sun's wife. While Sun is out in the veld for hunting, Hare pushes Sun's wife into a well. Out in the veld Sun sees that darkness covers his home and returns back home. Hare is waiting for him in his house and he understands what had happened. In the morning he goes and helps his wife to come out of the well and he chases Hare away. Lesson to be learned according to translator: You must not take another woman's husband and kill the other woman.
Long text about former life and changing livelihoods; for details see free translation into Afrikaans.
Participant narrates story about Woman and Elephant: Old women are in the veld looking for food. One of them is carrying a child. She turns away from the others because she has seen fat. She enters the stomach of the fat thing leaving her child outside. The other women go home wondering where she is. The men go out to find her taking their spears along. They only find the child and the bag of the woman, which she had put beside the child on the ground. They see the animal, kill and slaughter it, the woman comes out and is full of fat. Her husband scolds her for going her own way, while she is busy feeding her child. They take some fat and go home and come back again the next mornng for making biltong. Later they move with all their belongings to the place and stay there even after no meat is left.
Jackal and Hyena are hired by a Boer for digging a well. Only Hyena is working while Jackal is lying around and eating. When Hyena complains Jackal talks him crazy by maintaining the contrary.
Participant describes what children were told in order to make them work (i.e. fetch firewood, prepare food) for their parents.
Old woman talks about good old times and current sufferings.
Participant relates how she once ran away being afraid of a jackal.
1) Dispute between Sun and Hare about Death. Sun argues that people should come back after dying like herself. Hare argues against it, saying dead people were stinking. 2) After being asked by her grandson (116-JK) to tell a story about gemsbok, old woman says that there are no stories about gemsbok which used to be the meat of the people but is no longer available. 3) Lament about hunger.