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Participant describes the different hunting methods for gemsbok, leopard, cheetah and bat-eared fox (see pdf-file for full text translated into Afrikaans).
Story about Lion and Jackal: Jackal has a liaison with Lion's wife. When Lion takes him to task, Jackal makes a fool of Lion in a number of ways. In the end Lion runs away and Jackal takes over Lion's wife.
Story explains how it happened that Lion shits in the same way like other 'people'. Lion had eaten a lot. Jackal tells his little brother to heat a long piece of iron in the fire and put it into Lion's asshole. Side-striped Jackal does as he was told to do. For another version of the same story see TWa040528-04.
Very elaborate folk-story about man-eater: A number of children have built their own house in the bush; loose their way while looking for food since the rain has destroyed their foot-tracks. They come to the house of man-eating woman and her husband. Girls carry babies and one baby ends up in the pot; others manage to escape, are rescued by an uncle coming to their help in the form of a vulture. He carries them back home on his back. The mother of the dead baby insults him because of his appearance. He is angry and lets her other child fall down from above. The child dies. Therefore her husband is angry with his wife and wants to kill her but other relatives stop him and advise him to better divorce her since her manners are too bad. Lesson to be learned according to translator: a) Children should not play far from away from their home. b) You must not insult a person who helped you even though he might look strange.
Participant talks about origin of !Xonyatee in the South, marrying his wife as an old man and that he went to the farms in order to look for life (see pdf-file for full text translated into Afrikaans).
Participant talks about bushcrops and about hunting animals with snares and spears.
Participant lists commercial farms where !Xoon people used to work (see pdf-file for full text translated into Afrikaans).