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Old ostrich woman goes herself to the water place and sends the children to pick berries. At the water place she meets a group of young men and asks for water. One after the other offers her water but she refuses to take the water and ridicules the offerers. When it is Gemsbok's turn she grabs his hand. He tries to escape but she follows her. Her spring over bushes and trees, and she does so as well. But she is not able to jump over the highest tree and gets stuck in the crown. Now it is the Gemsbok's turn to ridicule her. Lesson to be learned according to translator: If you are you must not take a young man. He won't treat you well.
Participant tells a story about a woman who secretly feeds and raises the Blood and Fat of a slaughtered cow as her children. One of the two girls is proposed by a man called Gemsbok. He sticks her with the thorn of a camelthorn tree and throws her into a bush afterwards. Her relatives go and search for her but cannot find her. One day the youngest sister, whose name is 'Cattle', tells the family that she wants to go and find the lost sister. She finally sees her on the top of the camelthorn bush which has grown very high in the meantime. People try to reach her by jumping but fail. Cattle finally manages to bring her down. The mother is happy and treats Fat with fat to heal the wounds from the thorns. Lesson to be learned according to translator: If you want to have a girl but she doesn't want you, you must not hurt her but just leave her.