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The speaker recites a poem, written herself.
Example sentence which includes the marquesan word tau (land).
Length: 1:40 min How the speaker once went with others to get reed, and how they were surprised by some animals they suddenly saw.
Oral description of the male puberty seclusion in the Upper Xingu society; comparison of the old tradition with the changes in younger generations
Conversation between WN and HT about Haerudin's family and WN's life. Later a women joins the conversation.
Collecting the Idi plantnames based on the Nen plant names collected 1 week earlier. Speakers: Wasang Baio, Jimmy Nébni Idi-speaking women living in Bimadbn help with Idi plant name elicitation: Yowal Yirémb (Dimsisi) Pastor Sobae is her husband Wendy Songa (married to Goi) Wata Ymta (widow of Dibod) Sergo Daiba married to Songa Bill Dewara from Sibidiri, married into Dimsisi (joins in on track 04) IMAGE INFORMATION: idi20110919-01-NEc01.JPG: Jimmy Nébni recording the names of the idi plant name elicitation participants. Idaba Bautp (not participating, but interested), Waka Ymta, Yowal Yirémb, Wendy Songa. idi20110919-01-NEc02.JPG: Nick Evans with Wasang Baio (deceased, 2015). Wasang was Nick’s Idi language consultant for his field methods course taught at the 2011 Linguistic institute in Boulder, Colorado. idi20110919-01-NEc03.JPG: Jimmy Nébni with long-time friend Bill Dewara who is an Idi speaker originally from Sibidiri idi20110919-01-NEc04.JPG: Srga Daeba offers her name for the recording. Keywords: Plants; elicitation
An old woman tells the story of a girl called Bebet, she speaks very fast and somewhat unclear so that it was were difficult to transcribe the recording. Also the meaning isn't always clear.
Vanruk – Hakhun Law
One recording in which Seno (father of Khithung) talks about traditional Hakhun law. This consists of the following sound file: SDM23-20100106-01_KH_M_Vanruk_Law.wav The details of this recording are as follows: SDM23-20100106-01_KH_M_Vanruk_Law.wav; Duration 10’12”; About traditional law, including the punishment for murder, and mistaken killing. And also a divorce case. In the case of killing, they will pay two buffaloes in compensation, and for a case of sexual misonduct they will pay two buffaloes If there is a mistaken killing, then one buffalo will be killed, for the sake of the dead person. In a divorce case, there will be a fine of three buffaloes. This will be paid by the man’s side to the girl’s side if there is divorce..